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A Parents Guide to Braces


Now available, A Parents Guide to Braces is a must have book for anyone contemplating braces, or for anyone currently in treatment with braces.

The author, Dr. David Resch, is a specialist in orthodontics. In the book he provides a concise description of each phase of orthodontic treatment. From choosing an orthodontist, dealing with pain, how long to wear retainers, and much more, this book will serve as a valuable guide through the entire orthodontic treatment process.

To download the table of contents, click below:

Braces Guide Book

Topics include: Basic information about braces, How teeth move, What is a bad bite, When to see an orthodontist, How to choose an orthodontist, Second Opinions, The treatment sequence, Managing pain, Orthodontic Emergencies, Oral hygiene, Financial information, Controversial topics, and much more.

The book has been released in paperback and digital download formats. Click here to preview and purchase this book today!


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